Top Children’s Wall Art Ideas From Babies To Teens

Top Children’s Wall Art Ideas From Babies To Teens

Contrary to popular belief, decorating your child’s room does not have to a time-consuming and expensive process. Parents can now choose from a variety of wall art designs to complement their child’s bedrooms. Installing a wall art is a great idea for folks who do not want to permanently modify their child’s bedroom.

Factors To Keep In Mind Prior Selecting Wall Art

But first, here are a couple of factors you should consider before making an investment:

  • Age: While alphabet and animal designs may be popular among babies and toddlers, your teen would appreciate something more age-appropriate, like a cartoon character. Consider your child’s age and most important, their likes and dislikes before making an investment.
  • Materials: Parents must ensure the wall art is made using materials that are safe for their child. Avoid heavy metal wall art for your child’s bedroom to eliminate the risk of horrible accidents. This is why kid’s wall art stickers are popular among kids.
  • Theme: Bedroom themes are popular among younger children. Inspect the décor of your child’s bedroom to ensure the wall art is in perfect harmony with the rest of the furniture.

Kids Wall Art Ideas

Some cool wall art ideas include:

Animal Themed Wall Art

Animal themed wall art are a hit among toddlers and younger kids.

Not only will it brighten up their bedroom but it will also serve an educational purpose as you can point out all the animals on the walls to your kid before going to bed.

Animal themed wall art for children's room.

Your child will be thrilled to have cute lion or monkey on the wall.

Alphabet Wall Art

Alphabet wall art is popular among preschoolers and younger kids who are learning their ABC. Avoid wall art featuring big words and sentences if your child is too young to read.

Kids Wall Art Stickers

Wall art stickers and decals are a great idea if you do not want to permanently modify your child’s bedroom or have rented your current home. Most wall stickers are easy to apply and are a relatively inexpensive option compared to detailed wall art.

Sports themed wall art - faith, family, football, friends.

Sports Wall Art

Is your little one into sports? Opt for sports themed wall art to match your kid’s race-car bed. You can find wall art that feature basketball, soccer, hockey or any other sport.

For more sentimental value, consider hanging your child’s old sports jersey alongside the wall art for a more personal touch.

Princess Wall Art

If your little girl can’t get enough of pretty castles and Disney princesses, invest in a princess-themed wall art. Ideally, the wall art will feature pretty shades of purple and pink that will complement the rest of your child’s bedroom.

Printed Design Wall Art

The wall art need not feature a picture or a graphic. Parents can opt for a simple printed design wall art featuring your child’s favorite color. This is an excellent option if your child’s bedroom already has many wall hangings and photos.

Frozen wall art for children's room.


These are just a few designs your kid is bound to love. You can also involve your child in the decision making process if they are old enough. Good luck!

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