Sports Themed Canvas Wall Art By Green Frog Review

Sports Themed Canvas Wall Art By Green Frog Review

Wall art is an amazing way of giving your room a new and better look. It allows you to be creative in a number of ways as you can go for any picture, shape, size and print you think would suit your interior the most.

You can play with all kinds of shapes, including circles, squares and even irregular ones.
Using wall art, you cannot only give an eclectic touch to your interior but can also surround yourself with something you love or have a passion for.

For example, if you love supercars, you can buy a painting or a picture of your most favorite supercar to hang on your wall or if you like a show, you can order a poster stretched out on a wooden frame.

There are endless ways in which you can redecorate your rooms. Another interesting fact about wall art is that you can get different types for different rooms. While a small picture or canvas displaying fruits or vegetables would be best for your kitchen, a large one with something else would suit your living room.

Green Frog sports themed canvas wall art all paintings.

There are thousands of wall art products available in the market, which means you have a wide range of options to choose from.

However, this becomes a problem to most people as they cannot simply decide which painting or picture would be best for their home. Also, there are a number of factors that should be considered before buying. The most important ones include the quality of the print and the color as you would not want the color to fade with time.

If you want something that not only makes your room look better but also adds a bit of sportiness, you should go for the Sports Themed Canvas Wall Art by Green Frog. This is the ultimate piece of wall art, which comes packed with many features.


  • Size: 14x14inch x4 pieces
  • Printed on high quality canvas using high-tech machines
  • Comes with hooks mounted on the back of each panel making it ready-to-hang
  • Image continues on all the four sides
  • Fade-resistant colors so that you can use it for as long as you want
  • High quality wooden frame
  • Lightweight body, which weighs only 2 pounds

What Others Say

Green Frog is one of the most reliable companies in the interior design industry. The sports themed canvas is an amazing piece of art which gives your walls a new and better look. It is because of the high quality and reliability that this product has received an awesome rating.

According to one customer, who bought it for her 14-year old son for his birthday, this product has given her son’s bedroom a completely new look. She says her son loves to play ball and because of that particular reason, this was one the best birthday presents he received.

Another customer was quite happy about buying this product as it gave an athletic touch to his living room.

He also said the quality was just perfect and he could shuffle all the pieces the way he wanted.

The unique antique pictures looked even more decent and eye-catching when he hung them right under a dim orange light bulb.

Green Frog sports themed canvas wall art baseball.

However, some customers did not like the product much. One of these customers said the hooks were not mounted in the same position, which caused bad alignment. He also said the colors were a bit smudged and one of the pieces looked different from the others.

Another customer complained about getting two similar pieces, so basically there were only three that she could send to her father who once used to be a sportsman.

She said she did not have enough time to wait for a replacement so she had to accept with whatever she received. She also did not quite like the quality and therefore gave this product a rating of 2 stars out of 5.

Buying Advice

This product is available on Amazon where it is currently available at a discounted price of about $50. The original price, however, is around $55, which is still quite affordable. It is important that you make sure you purchase this product from a reliable source so there is no risk of being fooled.

You can place your order and receive the product in a couple of days.

When you receive the product, check if all the pieces are there along with the hooks. If there is any defect in the canvas, contact the manufacturer or supplier immediately and ask for a refund or replacement.

You should also read authentic customer reviews online as they help you know about their buying experience. You can visit the manufacturer’s website to learn more about the product.


Green Frog sports themed canvas wall art soccer.

This Sport Themed Canvas is the probably the best wall art you can buy, especially if you are into sports.

This is one of Green Frog’s most popular canvases and a majority of buyers loves it.

Since the manufacturer does not compromise on quality and durability, you should definitely consider buying this product. It comes with an affordable price tag making it a good deal.

In fact, considering the quality of the product, the features it comes with, the reliability of the brand that produces it, and the strong feedback from customers on Amazon, at $50, this product is a real steal.

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