The Great Wave Of Kanagawa Wall Art By Wall26 Review

The Great Wave Of Kanagawa Wall Art By Wall26 Review

Adding wall art to your home is probably one of the easiest things you can do to give your interior an eye-catching look. Wall art allows you to be creative in many ways as you can hang different kinds of paintings, prints, shapes, colors and even sizes.

A wall is the ideal place where you can display what you like and add a pinch of drama to your interior. While some people go with dull themed paintings or simple prints to add sophistication to their rooms, some like to go for bright colors with fancy prints or pictures to show their creative side.

However, it does not matter what color or print or shape you use as long as it makes your rooms look much more beautiful and customized than ever.

Wall art today come in various shapes so you are not restricted to the traditional square or rectangular frames. In fact, you can go for literally any shape you want whether it is a circle, oval, hexagon or even any undefined shape.

Prints and pictures that come in a series instead of one single piece are trending the most these days. The best part about this particular type of wall art is that you can hang it on either sides of your TV, wall clock or even the dressing table.

You can choose any print or picture that displays something you would like to take look at every time you walk in your room. If you love any specific place in your country, say the Grand Canyon, you can get a high definition picture of it or if you are into cars, you can go for a picture of your favorite car. There is always something for everyone.

There are hundreds of different wall arts available in the market allowing you choose the one which suits your interior the most.

Wall26 3 panel canvas print wall art - The Great Wave Off Kanagawa in living room.

However, the extensive range of variety makes it quite difficult for most to choose the right ones and often end up buying something that isn't worth the price. A lot of factors have to be considered before buying a painting or a picture for your wall.

The first and most important factor you should consider is the quality of the picture. You would not like to buy a picture with smudged colors and botchy pixilation. Make sure you buy a picture that can be clearly be seen and registered even from a significant distant.

You should also make sure you go for the picture that does not fade. Another factor you must consider is the material and quality of the frame. It is important that the frame is made of durable and lightweight wood or metal.

If you are looking for a picture for your wall to give it an eclectic touch and cannot find one, do not worry as we have got you covered. We bring you the 3-panel canvas painting of the Great Wave of Kangawa by Katsushika Hokusai.

Wall26, the manufacturer of this product has been in the interior designing business for a number of years and has been providing customers with high quality paintings and prints.


  • 1.50” thick stretcher bars for better outlook
  • Nails and hooks included for easy installation
  • High quality printed canvas
  • Stretched by professionals in the USA. This ensures smooth texture and a long life span
  • Fade-resistant color print
  • High quality wooden frame

What Others Say

The Great Wave of Kangawa is one of the most well known pieces of art which represent Japanese paintings. This product has impressed the majority of the customers and has received a very decent rating.

The rating shows the overwhelming response by the buyers. According to one of the customers, this 3 panel Japanese painting is one of the most unique paintings she has ever laid her eyes on. She said she was quite fascinated by the art and loved the attention to detail in the paintings.

Another customer, who is an art lover, bought this painting for her sister on her birthday.

She said her sister loved it and hung the moment she unwrapped it. She said it is an amazing thing to give as a gift.

She was also impressed by the quality of the product as the whole painting was smooth and glossy.

Wall26 3 panel canvas print wall art - The Great Wave Off Kanagawa behind a chair.

However, there are some customers who did not like the product and instantly regretted buying it. One of these customers said two of the panels were broken when he received it.

After he informed his supplier about the issue, he got a replacement, which had all three panels broken. He said he had no other option but to repair it himself using hot glue and some nails.

Buying Advice

You can buy this painting from a number of well known online retailers and vendors including It will cost you somewhere around $60. This product comes with a durable structure and frame with a high quality print.

As the colors do not smudge, you can leave it hanging on your wall for years and it would still look fresh and untouched.

Make sure you do not buy it from any suspicious vendor to keep yourself from getting fooled. Always purchase from a reliable source as that will guarantee you a 100% original and brand new product.

Wall26 3 panel canvas print wall art - The Great Wave Off Kanagawa full view.

You can place your order online and receive it in a couple of days. When you receive the package, ask for warrantee card and see if there is anything missing. If there is any kind of defect, contact your supplier or manufacturer as soon as possible and ask for a replacement or a refund.

You can also visit the manufacturer’s website to learn more about the product. Better to always be safe than sorry.


If you are looking for something to brighten up your room or match your Asian themed room, this is probably the best thing you can buy. As it comes with an extremely affordable price tag, you should definitely go for it.

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