How To Choose The Best Mirror Wall Art

How To Choose The Best Mirror Wall Art

Mirror wall art is an excellent choice if you are looking for a unique way to decorate the blank walls in your room. Mirrors help spaces appear larger, brighter and most importantly, add more character to your boring old bedroom wall.

Mirror wall art can offer a multipurpose solution to a number of design challenges. However, choosing the right style, shape and design and be an overwhelming task.

Tips For Choosing Mirror Wall Art

Follow these simple guidelines ensure you make the right investment:


When it comes to choosing the best mirror wall art, you can opt for a variety of different styles. Folks can opt for hand-carved styles if they want to bring striking elegance to their entryway or bedroom.

Square mirror wall art.

Art enthusiasts can also choose between circular and rectangular designs to expand visual space. If you looking for a fun art project, consider hanging a cluster of mirrors above your bedroom dresser or sculpture to create a chic wallscape.


It is crucial you pay attention to the size of the mirror wall art to ensure it is fits the space well. Scale is an integral factor when choosing wall art. Ask yourself these three questions to ensure the mirror complements your space:

  • How much wall space do I have?
  • Where am I hanging the wall art?
  • Does the size of the wall art complement the furniture?

If you intend on hanging the mirror wall art above your bed, you can opt for a large design that is as big as the headboard, which will make a bold statement. Or perhaps, you can opt for wall art design that is three-quarters of the headboard length to give it the right amount of presence, without the wall art becoming the center of attention.

The same rule is applicable if you are hanging a cluster of mirrors. Expand your installation to cover the entire length of the headboard or stick to a three-quarter length if you do not want the mirrors to be the center of attention. Generally, larger pieces of artwork have more impact.

Experiment With Shapes

With a number of choices available in the market, choosing the right shape can be a challenging task. To add more character and an updated feel, opt for something other than traditional options for places in your home, such as the dining room, entry or living room.

Mirror wall art - Home.

Don’t simply play it safe and opt for mirror wall art in unique shapes and sizes to alter the entire look of the room.

These are just a couple of things you ought to keep in mind the next time you go mirror wall art shopping. Ensure you invest in quality materials that won’t dull or ruin easily. Use these useful guidelines to make the best investment.

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