Modern Wall Art Vs. Classic Wall Art

Modern Wall Art Vs. Classic Wall Art

For many folks, the act of decorating their homes is the best way to express themselves. Art enthusiasts who wish to decorate their blank walls can choose between modern wall art or classic wall art.

Both styles have their unique characteristics. This blog will help you decide which style is best suited for your home:

Classic Wall Art

Classic wall art features mystic designs that are sure to add elegance to your lovely home. These timeless designs are sure to complement your classy furniture. Classic wall art works well if your house is decorated with warm colors

Classic wall art - flowers.

Reasons to purchase classic wall art:

  • Intricate Design: Classic wall art typically feature intricate designs that are sure to captivate the attention of guests and neighbors.
  • Adds Value To Your Home: Because of its stunning designs, classic wall art enhances the appearance of your home whilst increasing its value, especially if you opt for antique wall art.

Art enthusiasts should opt for classic wall art if their home matches the following description:

  • Colors: Neutral colors including cream, ivory, beige with splashes of olive green, crimson or chocolate brown.
  • Walls: Painted walls in beige, ivory or cream are common. Bolder colors may also be used to add a dramatic effect.
  • Flooring: Features oriental rugs along with marble and slate floors.
  • Furnishings: Upholstered wood pieces with stripes or solid floral patterns. Soft pillows are covered using beautifully designed pillow cases for a comfortable feel.
  • Window Treatments: Windows covered with drapes made using heavy fabrics and classic tiebacks.

Modern Wall Art

Modern wall art is great choice for folks who are a fan of minimalism and don’t want to clutter their home with too many designs.

Abstract modern wall art.

Reasons to purchase modern wall art:

  • Showcase Your Personal Style: Modern wall art features distinct colors and abstracts that truly allow you to showcase your personal style.
  • Affordability: Modern wall art are comparatively reasonably priced, which ensures that practically anybody can enjoy a piece of artwork.
  • Suitable for Professional Environments: Whether you want to decorate the blank walls of your conference room or home office, modern wall art is an excellent choice. You can opt for a simple design that is not too distracting for employees.

Art enthusiasts should opt for modern wall art if their home matches the following description:

  • Colors: While white is typically the predominate color, black is a close second. Primary colors such as blue, red and yellow can also be used.
  • Furnishing: Typically features metal furniture made using stainless steel or chrome. Modern homes may also feature white or black lacquered glass table tops and finishes.
  • Walls: Walls are generally plain and painted white.
  • Flooring: Granite, concrete and linoleum are popular choices. Plain carpeting and plain wood floors are also a popular choice. Modern houses may feature few rugs here and there in geometric patterns and single colors, nothing too flashy or majestic.
  • Window Treatments: Most modern homes feature plain curtains or blinds. Nothing too fancy or frilly.

Hopefully, this blog has provided you all the information you need to choose between modern vs. classic wall art.




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