The Importance Of Opting For A Great Wall Art For Your Home Décor

The Importance Of Opting For A Great Wall Art For Your Home Décor

When it comes to interior design, you don’t just have to worry about the color of the paint or the type of furniture arrangement you want to go with – but it is essentially about the overall design of all the rooms in the house, which also include your bathrooms and kitchen.

You have to ensure that the interior design of all the rooms in the house harmonize and incorporate multiple types of design aspects that really work well together and complement each other – balancing the entire outlook of your interior.

The most powerful way to accentuate your interior design or enhance the color and shade of the surrounding furniture and your walls is to get the best wall art.

Wall art is really trending these days and many homeowners across the US are beginning to invest in different type of wall art mediums to significantly improve their interior design – breathing life into different interior design trends and whatnot.

One of the best things about wall art decoration items, like canvassed paintings and pictures, etc. is the fact you really don’t have to be an art guru or critic to dive into your creative side and get some great wall-hung pieces of art to decorate your large walls.

Another cool thing about wall art is that you don’t have to be ridiculously rich to buy some great pieces of work.

Butterflies on branches wall art.

How? Well, there are plenty of budget-friendly wall art products available on the market.

Yes, these are reproductions and replicas of classical and contemporary art, but they are just as authentic and beautiful and can play an instrumental role in boosting the aesthetics of your entire house without costing an arm and a leg.

It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, but the fact is, wall decoration and décor has become the most common things amongst homeowners that are commonly neglected, which is why you will meet so many people who will say that their living rooms or master bedrooms still need a specific touch and finish and that they feel incomplete.

Well, wall art has become one of the most pertinent aspects of interior design, especially when it comes to quickly assessing and identifying what type of color palette the room needs, the overall décor and the types of decorative items you require to really set the mood in the room right.

Wallpapers Vs. Wall Decals – Know What You Must Use

When it comes to effective wall art design types and options, you must have heard about wall decals and wallpapers as being a common option amongst homeowners. When it comes to wall art design to enhance your interior settings, it is important to understand some major difference between the two options.

Moreover, this will also help you make a fast decision when you are out shopping for the right wall art for your living rooms, office, master bedrooms, etc.


As self-explanatory as the term is – wallpapers are designed to completely cover-up your dry or cemented wall with textured and patterned designs. Wallpapers are available in different sizes, shapes and designs.

They are also budget-friendly and easy to install. Wall decals, however, are designed to cover-up a specific portion of the wall, which is what acts like the central design for the entire wall – while the rest of the wall isn't.

A wall decal is perfect for you if you’re looking to just cover the middle part of the wall or highlight the sides or the corners, and not cover the entire wall. A wallpaper is ideal for people who aren't looking to paint the walls and instead just stick sheets of wallpaper on them.

The Size

If you are opting for a wall decal, it is important to first accurately measure the size of the wall. Based on how big or small the wall is, you can select your decal to accurately represent the rest of the colors and design pattern in the room.

Wall decals come in all types of sizes including small and medium. Large sizes are better for bigger walls. When it comes to wallpapers, the only decision you have to make is what type pattern to go for. You can measure the walls and have the wallpaper ordered online that has the same specifications.

Different sizes of wall art above a sofa.

Moreover, if you are just looking to cover a little space over the bookshelf in your recreational room, going for a wall decal is much better than just covering the entire wall with wallpaper.


Decals are the better option when it comes to cost-effectiveness and that is for one obvious reason – you can have it customized as the size of the wall and according to the design of the wall.

Remember you are not covering the whole wall just the design portion, which is what is going to save you a lot of money compared to covering the entire wall with sheets over sheets of wallpaper.

Application And Customization

There is nothing easier than using decals because you the liberty to choose any specific area of the wall that you want covered with the decal. You can customize its application and tap your own level of creativity to make the wall look much more attractive.

The same cannot be said about wallpaper. Wall decals are designed to offer you more design-control of your interior décor.

Moreover, the best thing about wall decals is the fact you can pair them with the clocks hung on the wall, other pieces of wall art and hung picture, so on and so forth.

Powerful Reasons Why You Should Invest In The Best Wall Art For Your House

When you’re decorating your room, it is important to understand that you cannot overlook even the smallest of design elements when you’re experimenting and using your own creativity.

This is essentially where you should not hesitate to look for the best wall art options available on the market.

However, it is important to keep your budget in mind and try not to exceed it for the sake of art. In light of this, mentioned below are some of the most compelling reasons why it will be worth your while if you invest in good wall art for your home:

Enhance Your Rooms With Vibrant Colors

While it is may be true that you have tried your best to make your rooms look bold and must have decorated with plenty of items and with a sensible color scheme, you must also not forget that your room may also have plenty of neutral shades and colors, which can really make the room look, well, boring.

The best way to get rid of all the neutral colors in the room is to be carefully chosen wall art designs that can complement the entire design environment of the room, rather, accentuate it.

Wall art of a lion in vibrant colors.

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer opting for separately painted panels or a single large painting, you can create your own personal, mini, art gallery by tactically placing all the painting closely together or wide apart, but this only works on large walls.

The Art Can Incorporate Plenty Of Texture

When it comes to canvas painting and wall-hang photographs, you need to understand that diversity is key to successfully decorating your house, transforming it to something completely breathtaking.

So, when shopping for wall art for your home, look for different wall art product and medium, don’t just browse for two-dimensional canvas paintings.

You should also look for other decorative items that can help enhance the overall look of the painting. For example, go for some shadow boxes or a little metallic or wooden sculpture. The more textures there are the more streamlined and smooth your room will end up looking.

The Art Completes Your Home

If you think about it, the walls in your house are the most neglected spaces. You have to understand that your walls have the potential to either make or break your interior decoration strategy.

Lining your walls with carefully selected artwork that specifically match the surrounding colors of the room can really enhance the tone and mood in that room. Even if you don’t have many decorative items, a large painting on the wall can definitely add the finishing touches in your house.

The overwhelming flow of texture and depth a good painting can add to your room can never be overemphasized.


While wall art has everything to do with painting and wall-hung decoration pieces, it doesn’t hurt to opt of traditional items for decoration. You can diversify considerably – for example, you can add in a family picture alongside the paintings.

The Wall Art Strategy For Decorating Your House

Here are some tips for decorating every part of your home.

Bathroom Wall Art

When thinking about how to decorate your bathroom, your mission is to promote a relaxing and calm environment.

Think of an oasis right in the middle of the desert – which is what going to bathroom feels like when you can’t hold it inside any longer.

To spice up the environment inside, it really doesn’t hurt to opt for vibrant colors to promote a sense of tranquility.

Bathroom wall art - wash, soak, relax.

If you are decorating your children’s bathroom, go with hang paintings and picture with cute graphics and everything that relates to your kids.

Cartoon characters work best. If you live in a house near the beach, then go with photographs and painting depicting the sea or the shoreline – opt for sand-colored paintings on canvas. It really just boils down to personal preference and the environment that is around you.

Bedroom Wall Art

Your bedroom is a completely personal space, you sleep, relax and do everything in your room, which is why it has to look cheery, intense and full of texture at all times. This is where it is strongly recommended that you go for gallery walls.

Gallery walls are a really intense yet exciting way to decorate your walls using beautiful, contrasting and complementing canvas or mosaic painting strategically hung on the most prominent walls in your room – meaning the walls that are most visible to you when you get up and get ready for a long day.

Living Room Wall Art

Your living room is the place where you just chill out either alone or with your family – hence the name, living room. It is a space where you entertain your guests, keep your friends company, watch movies with your kids or your significant other and basically just relax after coming back from long day’s worth.

The fact that you will be spending so much time here means you need to keep it looking trendy, chick and highly upbeat. Artwork for the living room is a matter of personal preference, but before you hire an interior designer do some research for yourself and see what you can do to make the place look welcoming and modern.

There are countless painting options that you can choose from but it really boils down to how big your walls are. Fitting a small framed canvas painting on a big wall will give you no aesthetic please and vice versa.

Stick with buying what you really love and get some contemporary art pieces for a more upbeat living room space – start your own trend.

Remember, living room wall art isn't about mixing and matching colors, it is all about accentuating the overall tone and shades of the room – it is about contrasting and complementing colors to give your room a brand new look.

Kids Room Wall Art

Well, this is pretty simple really. They are kids after all. If you are decorating a room for your children, make sure there are plenty of wall-hung paintings that have cartoon characters printed on them.

Wall art made out of toy cars in a children's room.

However, you can also go with some educational wall art for example, the world map painting on campus or painting with the number system creatively printed on it, the options are countless.

However, make sure not to mix and match the colors, try to keep the overall tone in their room joyous and cheerful. You must instantly have a smile on your face as soon as you enter their room.

Type Of Modern Wall Art You Can Choose From

There are numerous options for choosing the right modern wall art.

Graffiti Wall Art

There is no question that graffiti has certainly come a long way in the 21st century – from being illegal on the streets to landing itself in the domain of art and interior designs, you can opt for graffiti inspired wall-hung paintings and whatnot.

Graffiti wall art in living room.

While there are a lot of people who consider this activity an act of vandalism and irresponsibility – graffiti art fetches a lot of money on the market.

There have been reports that entire walls have been stolen overnight by gangs and whatnot over graffiti art on the street.

However, you don’t have to do anything with a wall when you can legally purchase a graffiti painting online. There are countless inspired graffiti pictures printed on canvas that you can sift through.

In the world of wall art, graffiti has soared above simply being scribbles and spray tags – it has become something new, something entirely emotional, full of expressions and colors. There are so many talented artists that produce artwork with socio-politico massages.

Graffiti art is the perfect solution when it comes to decorating the room of your teenaged son or daughter and in the recreational room.

3-Dimensional Wall Art

3-dimensional painting have become very popular these days and are designed to completely change the way your room looks by completely encompassing the walls in your room providing a central spot for enhanced visual aesthetics when you leave your room or when you walk in.

3D wall art made of glass.

With 3D décor, even the smallest of change in the artwork can make a really significant difference.

The overall design of a 3D painting or canvas picture is negated by its limberness as well as it lightweight size.

Along with being used as wall art components, these things can be used for decoration as well and can really help conjure up the real accents and colors in the room giving it a colorful facelift.

Consider them funky ornament that can be utilized in any part of the house. The panels of the 3-dimensional painting or picture is used as creative backgrounds to a more digital setting for example, music systems, home theater systems, sofas, couches, etc.

However, these items are also designed to play an instrumental role in acting as your house’s self-contained interior décor components. When you’re out shopping for 3D art, it is important to ensure that you stick with the right texture as well as the pattern and carefully match the product with the overall environment in your room.

The ornaments should be stylish, hip and contemporary. A room that has a wall decorated with 3D art will always have a powerful impact.

Mirror Wall Art

Mirror can be one of the most important yet ridiculously budget-friendly decoration components that you can get your hands on. You can buy mirror wall art for a variety of applications – you can use it in all of the rooms in your house, you can use it in your office as a decorative item or you can even use it at your merchant shop.

As per several professional, US based interior decorators; they have claimed that mirrors have the powerful to truly complete the look of a room.

Plus, the best part about mirror is the fact they are available in so many sizes, they come in so many shapes and can easily be customized. Moreover, you can even decorate your patio with your big mirror wall art items and whatnot.

While there are plenty of different types of mirrors available on the market, you should always opt for beautiful and creatively framed ones that can enhance your interior decoration.

Moreover, mirrors can also create a false impression or illusion that a room is so much bigger than it already is – it can also give you an illusion of an extra space in the room.

Mirror wall art in the shape of feathers.

So many homeowners use large mirrors to reflect their paintings and other decorative items, spreading the reflection across the room to create a funky illusion, which works on guests all the time.

Another distinctive advantage of mirrors is the fact they can be used to reflect light on the opposite side of the wall. This is where they are perfect for reflecting ambient light, shining the bright ray of the sun on your beautiful paintings and other decorative items, making it look like something out of a fantasy film.

Plus, they can also reflect the line shone by candles, manmade lamps and chandeliers, and other source of light, which is great to create a mood of utter calm and relaxation inside the room.

Glass Wall Art

Glass painting picture printed on glass have also become quite popular in the domain of modern art and interior design. Glass is a really beautiful, shiny material that perfectly catches and stores the vibrancy of different colors – which can also be easily hung besides a canvas painting fusing both new and classical looks.

Canvas offers are a more grainy aesthetics to the painting while glass produces clear and intense results, which is it is always a good idea to pair the two types of wall art together.

Three frames of glass wall art.

Acrylic is another category of glass, which is way more durable and sturdier than traditional glass. This material has been popularly used to making funky and highly artistic glass-faces for decorations. They are also designed as wall art components. The acrylic facemasks can really be a cool addition to your interior décor – right over or next to the fireplace.

Bottom Line

All in all, the aim of this comprehensive guide was to help you make your mind up about purchasing the best of the best in wall art.

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