Perfect White Lines Wall Art By Wieco Art Review

Perfect White Lines Wall Art By Wieco Art Review

Wall art is one of the ways you can completely change the look of your room. It allows you to be creative as you want and play with different shapes, prints, pictures, sizes, and colors. A nicely decorated wall is one of the easiest ways you can give your room a new ambience.

You can show your taste in art and add a bit of drama to the room using wall art. You can go with all kinds of colors and combinations of colors. Some people prefer multi-colored paintings and prints to show their artsy side while some go for dull and dark colors with simple pictures to add sophistication to their rooms.

And you can always replace the current paintings with new ones. This allows you to try different shapes, colors and what not. Wall art comes in all kinds of shapes including square, rectangle, oval, round and even irregular shapes.

You can choose the shape that suits your room and wall the best. You can buy wall art that is in single piece or in a series of smaller pieces. These days, those that come in series are in fashion. They not only look amazing but also allow you to be creative. You can hang the pieces on either sides of your dressing table, TV or wall clock.

Wieco Art - Extra Large Size 5 Piece

There are thousands of different types of pictures and paintings available in the market that means you can choose the ones that suit your interior the most. However, the wide range of options is also a problem for most people as it becomes difficult for them to select one.

Furthermore, you should consider a number of factors before buying a painting to hang on the wall. It is not only the picture but also the quality of the print that plays an important part in making your interior look beautiful.

It is important that you choose the right size and make sure the painting comes with a lightweight yet strong frame so it is easy to position and store. If you too are confused about what to buy, worry no more as we have you covered.

The Perfect White Lines 5-Piece Painting By Wieco Art is the ultimate piece of wall art you can buy. Not only is the design eye-catching but the five panels has also have a modern look.


  • 100% hand-painted oil painting done by professional artists
  • Stretched with high tech machines for smooth texture
  • High quality wooden frame
  • Size: 16 x 24 inch x 2panel, 10 x 32 inch x 3 panels
  • Lightweight body which weighs only 6.5 pounds allowing you to carry it easily
  • Comes with a black hook on each panel so you would not have to use many tools to install hooks
  • ​Comes packed in a carton box with “Wieco Art” logo embedded on it

What Others Say

This product has received an amazing rating that shows a positive response from customers. A majority of customers was impressed by the painting’s quality and the durability of the frame.

According to a customer, this is an amazing piece of art that he hangs in his office. He said the day he got his own cabin, he wanted to give a classy look and create a professional ambience. He was quite impressed by how it turned out to be so great.

Another customer who bought this product while renovating her house said it gave her living room a completely new look.

The wall, which was once just ordinary, is now the most beautiful part of her living room. People who visit her house never leave without talking about this beautiful painting. She also said it was easy to hang on the wall as it came with all the necessary mounts and hooks.

Wieco Art - Extra Large Size 5 Piece

However, some customers did not like the product and did not think it was worth the price. One of these customers was disappointed by the quality. He said the colors were noticeably smudged there was not proper finishing given to the painting. He asked for a replacement but had to face the same issue again.

Another customer said the package was missing one piece. He could not hang the four pieces on his wall and had to wait for more than a week to get a complete replacement.

Buying Advice

This product is available on Amazon where you can easily place your order. You can grab this amazing painting for about $80. Since Amazon is a reliable and well-known company, you can purchase this immaculate product from here without worrying about anything.

The product comes with a durable frame, so even if you drop it by mistake while hanging it on a wall, you would not have to worry about any type of time related damages. It is a pretty nifty art piece that will go well with your living room’s décor.

If there is any defect in the painting or frame, inform your supplier or the manufacture as soon as possible and ask for a refund or replacement. Also, make sure you take the warranty card, if the product comes with one.

Wieco Art - Extra Large Size 5 Piece

You can visit the manufacturer’s website to know more about the product and the company. You should also read authentic customer reviews online, as they are helpful.


Wieco Art has been providing its customers with high quality paintings and other forms of wall art for ages and has never compromised on class.

Almost all its products give an eclectic touch to your home so if you are planning to decorate your interior with high quality and classy wall art; you should definitely consider buying this product. Perfect White Lines come with a number of features, including fade resistant colors, high definition print and strong frame. 

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